Connecting Existing RHV Backup Proxy

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    If you have an already deployed RHV backup proxy that is not connected to the backup server, you can add it to the backup infrastructure. This can be necessary in the following scenarios:

    • You want to re-connect an RHV backup proxy that was removed from the backup infrastructure.
    • You want to connect an RHV backup proxy version 1.0 and upgrade it to version 2.0.
    • You want to connect an RHV backup proxy that was previously connected to another backup server.

    After you connect the RHV backup proxy, the backup server will retrieve information about all backup jobs the proxy has processed.

    To add an existing RHV backup proxy to the backup infrastructure, do the following:

    1. Launch the New Red Hat Virtualization Proxy wizard.
    2. Select the proxy deployment mode.
    3. Specify proxy VM configuration.
    4. Check network settings.
    5. Enter credentials for the proxy account.
    6. Grant permissions to the proxy.
    7. Apply proxy settings.
    8. Finish working with wizard.