Step 3a. Choose Resources

First, at the Virtual Machines step of the wizard, specify the backup scope — resources that Veeam Backup for OLVM and RHV will back up:

  1. Click Add.
  2. In the Add Objects window, choose whether you want to back up specific VMs or groups of VMs arranged by tags:
  • If you click the VM icon, you must specify the machines explicitly.


If any of the selected VMs have disks in the RAW format attached, Veeam Backup for OLVM and RHV will display the following warning: "There are some VM disks that do not support oVirt incremental backup. The policy will do a full scan backup for those disks". Due to technical limitations, Veeam Backup for OLVM and RHV is only able to apply the CBT mechanism to disks in the QCOW2 format while performing incremental backup.

You can proceed with the wizard and resolve the issue later by using one of the following workarounds:

  • If you click the Tag icon and add a tag to the backup scope, Veeam Backup for OLVM and RHV will regularly check for new VMs assigned the added tag and automatically update the backup job settings to include these VMs in the scope. For a tag to be displayed in the list, it must be created in the Administration Portal and assigned to a VM. For more information on tags, see oVirt Product Documentation.

By default, backup jobs process all VMs to which the added tags are assigned. If you want to exclude specific VMs from the backup scope, click Exclusions and specify the VMs that you do not want to back up — the procedure is the same as described for including VMs in the backup scope.

While running the job, Veeam Backup for OLVM and RHV processes resources in the order they are added to the backup scope. However, you can change the order, for example, if you add some mission-critical VMs to the job and want them to be processed first. To change the processing order, select a resource and use the Up or Down buttons.


If you include a tag into the backup scope, VMs assigned this tag are processed at random. To ensure that the VMs are processed in a specific order, you must add them as standalone VMs.

By default, jobs process all disks attached to VMs included into the backup scope. However, you can protect only specific disks of the selected resources. For more information, see Step 3b. Choose Disks and Volume Groups.

Select VMs to Back Up