Step 4. Define Job Schedule

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    At the Schedule step of the wizard, do the following:

    1. Select the Run the job automatically check box. If you do not select this check box, you will have to start the job manually.
    2. Configure scheduling options for the job:
    • To run the job at specific time daily or on specific week days, select Daily at this time.
    • To run the job once a month on specific days, select Monthly at this time.
    • To run the job repeatedly throughout a day with a specific time interval, select Periodically every.

    For more information on scheduling options, see the Veeam Backup & Replication User Guide, sections Backup Job Scheduling.

    1. Select the Automatic Retry check box to define whether the RHV backup proxy must attempt to run the job again if the job fails. Specify the number of retry attempts and the period of time between the attempts. During a job retry, the RHV backup proxy processes failed VMs only.

    Step 4. Define Job Schedule