Performing Disk Restore

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    In case a disaster strikes, you can restore a disk of an RHV VM from a backup. Veeam Backup for RHV allows you to attach the restored disk to the original VM or any other RHV VM in the RHV infrastructure.


    You can restore only one virtual disk per restore session.

    How Disk Restore Works

    To restore a VM disk from a backup and attach it to the target VM, Veeam Backup for RHV performs the following steps:

    1. The RHV backup proxy web console sends the restore session configuration data to the RHV backup proxy.
    2. The RHV backup proxy powers off the target VM.
    3. The RHV backup proxy creates an empty virtual disk in the RHV infrastructure.
    4. The RHV backup proxy connects to the backup repository and restores backed-up data to the empty disk.
    5. [This step applies only if you attach the disk to the original VM and if you choose to replace the existing disk] The RHV backup proxy detaches the original disk from the VM and removes it from the RHV infrastructure.
    6. The RHV backup proxy attaches the created disk with the restored data to the target VM.

    How to Perform Disk Restore

    To restore a disk attached to a protected VM, do the following:

    1. Launch the Virtual Disk Restore wizard.
    2. Select a virtual machine.
    3. Select a restore point.
    4. Configure mapping settings.
    5. Specify a reason for the restore.
    6. Finish working with the wizard.