Step 2. Select Restore Mode

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    At the Restore Mode step of the Full VM Restore wizard, specify how VMs will be restored:

    • Select Restore to original location if you want to restore VM with initial settings to their original location. If you select this option and click Next, you pass directly to the Reason step of the wizard.

    If a VM with the same name exists in the source RHV container, Veeam Backup for RHV asks if you want to overwrite the original VM. If you select Yes, Veeam Backup for RHV removes the original VM and replaces it with the restored VM.

    • Select Restore to a new location if you want to restore VM to an original location with original settings or to a different location with different settings (such as VM name, VM location, and network settings). If you select this option, the Full VM Restore wizard will include additional steps for customizing VM settings.

    Step 2. Select Restore Mode