Enabling SSH on RHV Backup Proxy

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    For security reasons, SSH is disabled on the RHV backup proxy by default. However, you can enable it for the purposes of manual management and troubleshooting:

    1. Log in to the Red Hat Virtualization Administration Portal.
    2. In the main menu, navigate to Compute > Virtual Machines.
    3. Select the VM running as the RHV backup proxy.
    4. Click Console on the toolbar to download a Virt Viewer (.VV) file with all the settings required to connect to the VM. The file will be saved locally in the default download folder.
    5. Launch the file to connect to the VM console.


    If you have no application to open the file, click the arrow next to the Console button. In the Console options window, click Console Client to see the guidelines on how to get and install the Virt Viewer application.

    1. Log in to the VM console using the credentials of the user account that you specified while deploying the RHV backup proxy.
    2. In the VM console, execute the following command:

    sudo ufw allow ssh