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Failover Cluster Support

You can use Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows operating in the managed mode (within the Veeam Agent management scenario) to protect data processed by a failover cluster. Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows supports Windows Server Failover Clusters running Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 and later.

Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows supports data backup and restore for the following types of clusters:

  • Windows File Server Failover Clusters
  • Windows Server Failover Clusters that run the following applications:
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SP4 or newer (AlwaysOn Failover Cluster Instances and AlwaysOn Availability Groups are supported.)
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 or newer


Failover Cluster Backup

To process a cluster with Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows, you must complete the following tasks:

  1. In Veeam Backup & Replication, create a protection group that includes Active Directory objects and add to this protection group one of the following types of objects:

To learn more, see Creating Protection Groups.

  1. In Veeam Backup & Replication, configure a Veeam Agent backup job for a failover cluster. To add a failover cluster to the backup job, do the following:
  1. At the Job Mode step of the New Agent Backup Job wizard, select Failover cluster.
  2. At the Computers step of the wizard, add to the job the cluster account that you added to a protection group at the step 1. Alternatively, you can add to the job a container or protection group that includes this cluster account.

To learn more, see Creating Agent Backup Job for Windows Computers.


Failover Cluster Support Important!

In case a backup task within a Veeam Agent backup job that processes a cluster completes unsuccessfully, Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows will create full backup of all shared disks of the cluster.


Backup of Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Groups

You can use Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows to process Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Groups (DAGs). The procedure of adding a DAG to a Veeam Agent backup job differs depending on the type of the DAG that you want to process:

During the backup process, Veeam Backup & Replication will detect that servers in the backup job are part of a DAG, and create transactionally consistent backup of Microsoft Exchange databases running on these servers.

Data Restore from Failover Cluster Backups

You can perform data restore tasks with failover cluster backups created by Veeam Agent. For example, you can restore entire volumes or individual folders and files from such backups.

Consider the following:

Limitations for Failover Cluster Support

Failover cluster support in Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows has the following limitations:


Failover Cluster Support Note:

Veeam Backup & Replication does not support simultaneous processing of Microsoft SQL Server transaction logs on SQL Server clustered instances with identical names. The limitation applies to clustered instances of different failover clusters as well.

For example, you configure two backup jobs that process transaction logs of different clusters whose SQL clustered instances have identical names. In case these backup jobs run simultaneously, transaction logs will be processed only by the backup job that started first. The second backup job will not process transaction logs.


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