Veeam VMware: Component Manager Service Health Alarm

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    This monitor tracks tracks the Component Manager Service Health Alarm.

    By default, the alarm is triggered by the following event:

    • vim.event.HealthStatusChangedEvent: Health status of the Component Manager Service changed.

    The VMware Component Manager (Component Manager Service) is included in the Platform Services Controller Services and is responsible for service registration and lookup functionalities in the group. If the Component Manager Service Health Alarm fires, check whether the Component Manager Service is running. In case the service is stopped, try starting it again. For more information on stopping, starting and restarting vCenter Server 6.x services, see this VMware KB article.

    See the Help Center for more information including reference lists of all Rules and Monitors and full set of User Guides for the Veeam MP for VMware.

    See the VMware Online Documentation for more information on VMware vSphere, in particular: