Step 3. Choose Report Scope

Choose a Hyper-V cluster to include in the report.

  1. In the Scope section, select Veeam Hyper-V Clusters Group and click Remove.
  2. Click Add Group. In the Add Group window, click Options.
  3. In the Options window, click Add.
  4. In the Class Name search box, type “cluster” and click Search.
  5. Select the Hyper-V Cluster (Veeam MP) class in the list of search results, click Add and click OK.
  6. In the Options windows, click OK to apply the filter. In the Add Group window, click Search.

The search will return a list of objects that belong to the Hyper-V Cluster (Veeam MP) class.

  1. Select the necessary cluster in the list, click Add and click OK.

Choose Report Scope

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