OpsMgr Agent Restarts on Hyper-V Host


OpsMgr agent on a Hyper-V host restarts with the message: 'Health Service exceeded Process\Handle Count or Private Bytes threshold.'


OpsMgr agent processes a large number of workflows, which may cause high numbers of used handles and private bytes for the Monitoring Host process. When the handle or private bytes counters reach their thresholds, the OpsMgr agent will be automatically restarted by a default Microsoft monitor.


If OpsMgr agent restarts frequently (for example, every couple of hours), increase threshold values for the System Center Management Health Service Performance monitors:

  • Health Service Handle Count Threshold
  • Health Service Private Bytes Threshold
  • Monitoring Host Handle Count Threshold
  • Monitoring Host Private Bytes Threshold

The handle count thresholds can be increased up to 40000 handles. The private bytes threshold can be increased to 1610612736 bytes (1.5 GB).