Step 2. Delete Veeam Management Packs

Delete Veeam management packs in the following order.

Deleting Microsoft.SystemCenter.SecureReferenceOverride MP

If you have SCVMM in your environment and if you have configured the Veeam MP for Hyper-V SCVMM Connection Account (Read-only) Run As account in System Center, then OpsMgr will have the Microsoft.SystemCenter.SecureReferenceOverride created or modified.

To delete Veeam MPs, it will first be required to clean the dependency created to the Secure Reference MP. You can do it either manually, or using the Remove_Veeam_SecureReference.ps1 script included in the Veeam MP Resource Kit. For more information on removing dependencies with the Veeam Secure Reference PS Script, see the Veeam MP for Microsoft System Center Resource Kit Guide.


If you use other third-party MPs that store Run As accounts in the Microsoft.SystemCenter.SecureReferenceOverride MP, you may need to manually clean Veeam MP dependencies from the Microsoft.SystemCenter.SecureReferenceOverride MP.

To learn how to clean dependencies, see this Veeam KB article

Deleting Veeam Management Packs

To delete the imported Veeam management packs, use the OpsMgr console Administration section.


  1. As with any MP, you must delete the overrides (or the unsealed MP which contains the overrides) before you can delete Veeam MPs.
  2. If you have created a dashboard in the Default Management Pack using any of the Veeam MP customizable widgets, you will need to delete the Default Management Pack before you can delete Veeam MPs. For more information on working with Veeam dashboard widgets, see section Creating Veeam Dashboard Widgets.
  1. First, delete the report management packs:
  • Veeam Hyper-V Analysis Reports
  • Veeam Hyper-V Capacity Planning Reports
  • Veeam Backup and Replication Reports
  • Veeam Report Library
  1. Next, delete the discovery, monitoring and views management packs:
  • Veeam Hyper-V Views
  • Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V
  • Veeam Hyper-V Monitoring
  • Veeam Hyper-V Discovery
  • Veeam Hyper-V Library
  • Veeam Backup Views
  • Veeam Backup Monitoring
  • Veeam Backup Discovery
  • Veeam Backup Library
  • Veeam Backup Base Discovery
  • Veeam Base Discovery
  • Veeam Widget Library

Alternatively, you can use the following PowerShell command to remove all Veeam MPs:

Get-SCOMmanagementpack | where{$_.displayname -like "*Veeam*"}| Remove-SCOMManagementPack