Report Output

The report will analyze virtual infrastructure configuration changes and provide detailed information on changes performed within the reporting period. The report will also analyze the number of alerts triggered during the reporting period, so that you can see correlation between the performed configuration changes and triggered alerts.

In the Summary section, the report will display the following charts:

  • The Top 5 most changing properties chart will show 5 most frequently changed properties
  • The Number of changes and alerts by day chart will show day-by-day of configuration changes performed and the number of alerts raised

Report Output

In this example, the report shows that during the previous month the most frequently changed properties were: Hyper-V Virtual Machine: Memory Startup MB, Hyper-V Virtual Machine: Memory Minimum MB, Hyper-V Virtual Machine: Memory Maximum MB, Hyper-V Virtual Machine: Memory Dynamic and Hyper-V Virtual Machine: Memory Buffer.

The report tables will provide details for VMs whose memory configuration was changed within the reporting period. For each VM, the details table will include information for registered property changes: the date of change, old and new property values.

Output Details