Appendix A. Configuring Run As Account for SCVMM Discovery


SCVMM is optional in terms of Veeam MP functionality.

The Veeam MP for Hyper-V SCVMM Connection Account (Read-only) account is required to allow OpsMgr agent on the SCVMM Server to discover and insert SCVMM-specific topology objects into OpsMgr. For the OpsMgr agent action account requirements, see Required Permissions.

To discover relations between Hyper-V objects and SCVMM-specific topology objects, it is also required to connect SCVMM with OpsMgr. To do that, follow the instructions provided in this Microsoft article.

To add a Run As account to the Veeam MP for Hyper-V SCVMM Connection Account (Read-only) profile:

  1. Open the OpsMgr Console using the account with administrative rights.
  2. Go to the Administration section.
  3. Expand the Run As Configuration node and select Profiles.
  4. In the list of profiles, double-click the inbuilt the Veeam MP for Hyper-V SCVMM Connection Account (Read-only).
  5. Click Next to begin the Run As Profile Wizard.
  6. At the Add Run As Accounts step, click Add.
  7. In the Add a Run As Account window, click New and follow the Create Run As Account Wizard to create a new Run As account.
  1. At the Credentials step, specify user name and password that will be used for SCVMM discovery.
  2. At the Distribution Security step, choose the necessary distribution security level. If you choose the More secure level, you will need to manually distribute the account credentials to the machine where the Virtual Machine Manager runs.
  3. Click Create to save the account.
  1. Select All targeted objects to be managed by the Run As account. Alternatively, you can select A selected class, group, or object and choose the following classes of Hyper-V objects:
  • Hyper-V SCVMM Server (from the Veeam Hyper-V Base Discovery MP)
  • Hyper-V SCVMM Storage Container (from the Veeam Hyper-V Library MP)
  • Veeam Virtualization Extensions Service (from the Veeam Base Discovery MP)
  1. Click Save to save the profile.


When you configure a Run As Account, it is included into the Microsoft.SystemCenter.SecureReferenceOverride Management Pack that is automatically created by the OpsMgr.

Due to the dependencies with the Microsoft.SystemCenter.SecureReferenceOverride MP, deleting the Veeam MP for Hyper-V may result in conflicts. For details, see Uninstalling Veeam MP for Hyper-V.