Virtual Machines. Uptime Statistics

This report is designed to track VM availability, by reporting on the Veeam HyperV: Virtual Machine Uptime monitor.

For VMs with Hyper-V Integration Services installed, the monitor will show true availability of the virtualized OS. If Hyper-V Integration Services are not installed, then the power state of the VM will be tracked.

The report can be used to track and confirm the uptime of virtualized workloads, for reporting in Service Level agreements, downtime and outage analysis and so on.

Sample Usage

This section provides step-by-step instructions that will help you understand how to create the Virtual Machines. Uptime Statistics report. Consider the following example:

You need to identify VMs whose uptime was less than 85% during the previous week.

To create the report, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Virtual Machines. Uptime Statistics report.
  2. Choose an aggregation type.
  3. Define time intervals.
  4. Choose a report scope.
  5. Choose VM states.
  6. Specify a service level objective.
  7. Choose sorting options.
  8. Run the report.
  9. View the report output.