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Veeam ONE 9.5
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Backup Inventory

This report provides inventory information on configuration of your Veeam Backup & Replication infrastructure.

  • License Information section shows product license details, including the license type, the number of licensed and used sockets (for socked-based licenses) or the number of licensed and used VMs (for VM-based licenses), the breakdown of licensed and used sockets or VMs for VMware and Hyper-V environments, support expiration and license expiration dates.
  • Veeam B&R Infrastructure section provides information about backup servers, including the version of Veeam Backup & Replication installed, the number and type of backup proxies and backup repositories managed by backup servers.
  • Backup Proxies section provides information about backup proxy servers, including the type of transport mode chosen for proxy servers, the number of maximum allowable concurrent tasks, connected datastores, and shows whether throttling is enabled for these servers.
  • Tape Servers section provides information about tape servers and tape libraries connected to the servers, and shows whether throttling is enabled for these servers.
  • Backup Repositories section shows a list of backup repositories and provides additional details including the repository capacity and free space, the amount of space used by full and incremental backups, the number of backup jobs utilizing a repository and the number of VMs residing in backups stored on a repository.
  • WAN Accelerators section provides information about WAN accelerators and their configuration, including a port number, the number of allowed concurrent connections, cache size, the amount of free space in cache, and cache location.
  • VMs in Jobs section displays all backup jobs, their types and the number of VMs in each job.

Backup Inventory Report
Backup Inventory Report

Use Case

This report displays information on the state of backup infrastructure components and provides product licensing details.

Report Parameters

Scope: defines a list of Veeam Backup & Replication servers to include in the report.

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