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Veeam ONE 9.5
Reporter User Guide

Veeam ONE Business View Reporting

Veeam ONE Reporter integrates with Veeam ONE Business View and allows you to create reports and dashboards for business view groups. For example, if you group VMs by department, you can create reports for a specific department in your organization.

After you categorize virtual infrastructure objects in Veeam ONE Business View, you must run data collection in Veeam ONE Reporter. Once data is collected, you will be able to select business view groups as the scope of reports and dashboards. For details on data collection, see Scheduling Data Collection and Running Data Collection Manually.

The following example shows how you can create the Protected VMs report for specific business view groups:

  1. Open Veeam ONE Reporter.
  2. Open the Workspace section.
  3. In the hierarchy on the left, select the Veeam Backup Monitoring folder.
  4. In the displayed list of reports, click the Protected VMs report.
  5. From the Business view objects list, select business groups for which you want to create a report.
  6. Specify other report parameters and click Preview.

Veeam ONE Business View Reporting 

Veeam ONE Reporter will present data from the business point of view — that is, for the selected business groups.

Business View Reporting

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