Viewing Data Collection Session Details

Every run of data collection initiates a new data collection session. Veeam ONE keeps record of tasks performed during data collection sessions and stores this information, so that you can view session details.

To view data collection session details:

  1. Open Veeam ONE Web Client.
  2. At the top right corner of the Veeam ONE Web Client window, click Configuration.
  3. In the configuration menu on the left, click Event Logs.
  4. In the list of sessions, select the necessary Object properties data collection.

To easily find the necessary session, you can apply the following filters:

  • Task name — limit the list of sessions by name
  • Task type — limit the list of sessions by data collection type
  • Task status — limit the list of sessions by status (Success, Warning, Failed, Processing, Stopped)
  • Time period — limit the list of sessions by start date
  1. Click the necessary session in the list to view its details.

View Collection Session Details

Every session is described with the following details:

  • Session type
  • Session result
  • Session start and end date and time
  • Details on operations performed during the session

Database Maintenance Tasks

In addition to data collection, Veeam ONE periodically runs database maintenance tasks to delete data that must no longer be kept in the database according to the retention policy. Database maintenance tasks run every Sunday at 3:00 a.m.

Database maintenance task details are stored in the list of sessions. You can view details of database maintenance tasks similarly to viewing data collection session details.