Managing Report Schedules

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    You can create multiple schedules for a report or a report folder. Maintaining multiple schedules allows you to set up complex scheduling and delivery method settings for the same report or folder.

    To manage report or folder schedules:

    1. Open Veeam ONE Web Client.
    2. Open the Reports section.
    3. Open the Saved Reports tab.
    4. In the hierarchy on the left, select the necessary folder or click a saved report in the displayed list of reports.
    5. At the top of the report parameters, click Schedule, click Folder Management>Schedule, or right-click the necessary folder and select Schedule in the context menu.
    6. Use the buttons in the  Report/Report Folder Scheduling Settings window to manage schedules that you configured for the report or folder:
    • To create a new schedule, click Add.
    • To modify scheduling settings, select a schedule in the list and click Edit.
    • To delete a schedule from the list, select the schedule in the list and click Delete.
    • To temporarily disable a schedule, select the schedule in the list and click Disable.
    • To enable a previously disabled schedule, select the schedule in the list and click Enable.
    1. To finish working with the schedules, click Close.

    Manage Report Schedules

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