Committing Failback

To commit failback for a plan in the FAILBACK state:

  1. Log in to the Orchestrator UI as an Orchestrator Administrator or Plan Operator. For more information, see Accessing Orchestrator UI.
  2. Navigate to Orchestration Plans.
  3. Select the plan. From the Launch menu, select Continue.


Click the plan name to switch to the Plan Details page, and click Continue.

  1. Complete the Run Plan wizard:
  1. For security purposes, at the Enter Credentials step, retype the Orchestrator Administrator or Plan Operator password.

Committing Failback

  1. At the Commit Failback step, review the description of the commit failback process.

Committing Failback

  1. At the Summary step, review configuration information and click Finish.



After the commit failback process completes, Orchestrator will leave the plan in the IN USE state. By design, this makes the results of the commit failback process accessible in the Orchestrator UI as long as required, and also prevents the plan from being modified by any automatic updates related to infrastructure changes.

If you want to perform any further actions with the plan (for example, to test the plan, to run readiness checks or to execute the plan again), reset the plan state as described in section Resetting CDP Replica Plans.