Step 8. Configure Re-IP Rules

[This step applies only if you want to enable the functionality of automatic IP address transformation for Microsoft Windows VMs]

In case the IP addressing scheme in the source location differs from the target location scheme, you can create a number of re-IP rules for the recovery location, and Orchestrator will automatically reconfigure VM IP addresses. When restoring from a VM backup or failing back to a new location, Orchestrator checks if any of the specified re-IP rules apply to the recovered VM: if a rule applies, Orchestrator changes the IP address configuration of the recovered VM using the Microsoft Windows registry.


To allow Orchestrator to reconfigure IP addresses of a recovered VM, the VM must have VMware Tools installed.

To configure a re-IP rule, at the Re-IP Rules step of the wizard, click Add. The Add Re-IP Rule window will open.

  1. In the Source VM section, describe an IP numbering scheme adopted in the source location.
  2. In the Target VM section, describe an IP numbering scheme adopted in the target location. Specify an IP address, subnet mask and default gateway that will be used for recovered VMs.
  3. If necessary, define the DNS and WINS server addresses.
  4. In the Description field, specify a brief outline for the rule or leave any related comments.
  5. Click Add.



You can use the asterisk character (*) to specify a range of IP addresses.


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