Undoing Failback

The Undo Failback action powers on VM replicas running on target hosts and switches from the production VMs back to the VM replicas — as a result, the plan acquires the FAILOVER state. For more information on the undo failback operation, see the Veeam Backup & Replication User Guide, section Undo Failback.

To perform an undo operation for a plan in the PREPARE FOR FAILBACK or FAILBACK state:

  1. Log in to the Orchestrator UI as an Orchestrator Administrator or Plan Operator. For more information, see Accessing Orchestrator UI.
  2. Navigate to Orchestration Plans.
  3. Select the plan. From the Launch menu, select Undo.


Click the plan name to switch to the Plan Details page, and click Undo.

  1. Complete the Undo Plan wizard:
  1. At the Undo Plan step, review the description of the undo operation.

Undoing Failback

  1. For security purposes, at the Enter Credentials step, retype the Orchestrator Administrator or Plan Operator password.

Undoing Failback

  1. At the Summary step, review configuration information and click Finish.

If the undo failback process encounters an error while being performed, it will not be halted automatically — the plan will proceed until the process completes. To terminate the undo failback process manually, use the Halt option to stop the currently running plan as described in section Halting Failover. To resume the undo failback process again, use the Undo option.