Removing VMware vSphere Servers

If you no longer need a vCenter Server to be present in your Orchestrator infrastructure, you can remove the server.

  1. Select the vCenter Server and click Remove.
  2. The Check Component Dependency window will inform you if any DataLabs or orchestration plans are related to the vCenter Server.
  • If any of the items occur to be Locked, Orchestrator will not be able to remove the server.

In this case, wait until Orchestrator stops processing the items, reset the locked orchestration plans, power off plan testing in the locked DataLabs — and then try removing the vCenter Server again.

  • If none if the items are Locked, click Continue to confirm the operation.



As soon as you remove the vCenter Server from the Orchestrator infrastructure, all its related DataLabs will be removed from Orchestrator as well. All VM groups that include VMs managed by the server will be excluded from Orchestrator components, and the VMs will be deleted from the related orchestration plans.

  1. In the Confirm window, click Yes to remove the vCenter Server.


Removing VMware vSphere Server