Step 8. Specify Credentials

[This step applies only if you have added one or more plan steps that require Windows credentials to run in-guest OS scripts inside VMs being tested or failed over. For the full list of steps that require authentication, see Appendix. Orchestration Plan Steps]

At the VM Credentials step of the wizard, specify credentials that will be used to access guest OSes of VMs included in the plan when running the added steps. To do that, click the link in the Credentials section, and select the necessary credentials in the Select Credentials window. For a credential record to be displayed in the Available Credentials list, it must be included into the list of plan components available for the scope, as described in section Including Credentials.

If you do not specify any credentials, Orchestrator will use the default credentials selected per-scope during configuration of plan component settings, or you will have to specify the required credentials for each VM or VM group individually when editing the plan.

Creating Storage Plan