Step 8. Configure Network Mapping

[This step applies only if you want to enable the functionality of network mapping]

By default, a recovered VM is connected to the same networks as the source VM. If the network configuration in the recovery location does not match the production network configuration, you can create a network mapping table for the location, so the recovered VM will be connected to the correct network.

To configure network mapping, at the Network Mapping step of the wizard, click Add. The Add Network window will open.

  1. In the Source Network section, from the vCenter Server list, select a vCenter Server that manages source VMs. Then, from the list of available networks, select a network to which the source VMs are connected.

For a vCenter Server to be displayed in the vCenter Server list, it must be connected to Orchestrator as described in section Connecting VMware vSphere Servers.



You can use the list of available datacenters to sort networks by datacenter name.

  1. In the Target Network section, from the list of available networks, select a network to which recovered VMs will be connected.

Since you can specify only one target datacenter to be used to allocate resources to recovered VMs, the wizard does not allow you to change the vCenter Server that will manage the VMs.


Adding Recovery Location