Step 6. Add Plan Steps

At the VM Steps step of the wizard, use the list of plan steps available for the scope to select steps to be performed for VMs in the plan during failover. The wizard allows you to add the selected steps multiple times so you can run the same steps with different parameters.

For a step to be displayed in the Available Steps list, it must be included into the list of plan components available for the scope, as described in section Including Plan Steps.


To allow the failover process to perform successfully, the Process Replica VM step must execute before any other replica/application verification steps. That is why the Process Replica VM step is the only one step that you cannot add to a plan multiple times.  

By default, Orchestrator will perform the same selected steps in the same order for all new VMs that will later appear in the VM groups included in the plan. However, you can change the step execution order and modify the list of steps individually for each VM, as described in section Configuring Steps.


If a VM is included in multiple VM groups added to a plan, Orchestrator will run verification steps for this VM multiple times when processing each group in the plan.


Creating Replica Plan