Custom Script

If you have customized you own script to be used when running an orchestration plan, you can override the following parameters for the Custom Script step:


To allow the script to run inside the guest OS of a processed VM, it is required that you have Microsoft PowerShell 3.0 and .Net Framework 4.0 installed on each VM for which you enable this step.




Default Value

Critical Step

Defines whether the step is critical for VM recovery.  

If you mark the step as Critical, its failure for a VM from a critical VM group will halt the plan.


Execute Location

Defines whether the script will run on the Veeam Backup & Replication server, on the Orchestrator server or in-guest of the VM.

Veeam Backup Server

Windows Credentials

Credentials required to gain access to the in-guest OS.

Applies only if the Execute Location parameter value is set to In-Guest OS.


Maximum amount of time (in seconds) for the step to execute.



Number of retries that will be attempted if the step fails on the first try.


Failback & Undo Failover Action

Defines whether the step will be executed during the Failback and Undo Failover operations.


Test Action

Defines whether the step will be executed during plan testing in a DataLab.