Generating Plan Definition Report

As soon as you create an orchestration plan, you will be able to generate the Plan Definition Report. The report provides an easily shareable view of the following: it will show all inventory groups, steps and parameters defined by the plan, and an audit log of all changes made since the plan was created.

This document is ideal for auditors and managers, and can be used to obtain a sign-off from application owners who need to verify plan configuration.

By default, Orchestrator runs the Plan Definition Report automatically for every ENABLED orchestration plan at 7:00 AM daily. You can also generate the report on demand:

  1. Navigate to Orchestration Plans.
  2. Select a plan.
  3. From the Reports menu, select Update Definition Report.


Right-click the plan and select Update Definition Report from the drop-down menu.



The Update Definition Report link will be unavailable in case the plan is being edited.


Generating Plan Definition Report

To access the report for an orchestration plan:

  1. On the Orchestration Plans page, select the plan.
  2. From the Reports menu, select Plan Definition.

The Reports page will be displayed. The Show Plan Definition reports option will be automatically enabled to display the available Plan Definition Report for the plan.

  1. Click the plan name to download and open the Plan Definition Report.


Generating Plan Definition Report

The Plan Definition Report will use the default report template or a custom template. After the template pages, the plan definition will be appended.

By default, Orchestrator generates two types of reports:

  • A summary report that includes a plan overview and summary of inventory groups included in the plan with drill-down hyperlinks to individual machines.
  • A full report that also includes details on the recovery location specified for the plan, information on specific steps that will run during the recovery process and the plan change log, which allows you to track who changed plan settings, when and what was changed.

Plan Definition Report


The plan change log may grow very large over time. To clear the change log history, do the following:

  1. Select the plan. From the Reports menu, select Clear Change Log.


Right-click the plan name and select Reports > Clear Change Log.

  1. For security purposes, in the Clear Change Log window, retype your password.

To minimize the load on the server and filter the report output, you can specify the report detail level as described in section Configuring Report Options.