Generate Event

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    This step generates events in the Windows event log on the Orchestrator server.

    You can override the following parameters for the Generate Event step:



    Default Value

    Critical Step

    Defines whether the step is critical for VM recovery.  

    If you mark the step as Critical, its failure for a VM from a critical VM group will halt the plan.


    Event Text

    Event description.

    Note: You can use the default text, or define %values% which will populate during plan execution.

    Plan %plan_name% is in state %plan_state%


    Maximum amount of time (in seconds) for the step to execute.



    Number of retries that will be attempted if the step fails on the first try.


    Failback & Undo Failover Action

    Defines whether the step will be executed during the Failback and Undo Failover operations.


    Test Action

    Defines whether the step will be executed during plan testing in a DataLab.

    Note: If you set the parameter value to Execute, keep in mind that all actions performed while testing the plan will not be reverted when the test is over.