Configuring Veeam Disaster Recovery Orchestrator

To start working with Orchestrator, perform a number of steps for its configuration:

  1. [Optional] Create scopes to allow access to Orchestrator.
  2. [Optional] For each scope, add users to the Plan Author, Plan Operator and Administrator roles to define actions they will and will not be able to perform with Orchestrator.
  3. Make sure you have NetApp volumes and virtual volumes protected with storage replication — for more information, see the NetApp ONTAP Documentation Center and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Support Center. Then, connect to your storage systems.

If you use authentication configured to control access to iSCSI targets, make sure you define a list of initiators and their authentication methods for all hosts managed by the target vCenter Server.

For more information on iSCSI initiator security management, see the NetApp ONTAP Documentation Center. For more information on configuring CHAP parameters for iSCSI adapters, see VMware Docs.

  1. Connect Veeam Backup & Replication servers and vCenter Servers.
  2. Configure email notification settings.
  3. Use the Scope Inclusions page to modify the list of items included and excluded from each of the created scopes:
  1. Include VM groups to be used in orchestration plans.
  2. Include locations to be used to recover VM groups.
  3. Include plan steps to be performed while running the recovery process.
  4. Include credentials under which orchestration plan steps will be launched.
  5. Include template jobs to be used to reprotect VM groups in orchestration plans.
  6. Include DataLabs to be used to test orchestration plans.