Managing Inventory Groups

To create orchestration plans, you will use one or more inventory groups. Inventory groups are sets of virtual or physical machines that are managed by the embedded Veeam ONE server installed on the Orchestrator server.

The majority of inventory groups are created automatically, based on discovered items such as Veeam Backup & Replication jobs and protection groups, vSphere datastores, or vSphere VM tags. All inventory groups created this way are added to the list of inventory items on the Scope Inclusions page. After you include an inventory group in a specific scope, you can use the inventory group in plans for this scope.

Types of Inventory Groups

Inventory groups are the building blocks of orchestration plans and are created and populated using the embedded Veeam ONE server and its Business View engine. Orchestrator automatically creates a group for each of the following:

  • Veeam backup job protecting vSphere VMs or Veeam agents (Windows or Linux).
  • Veeam replica or CDP replica job protecting vSphere VMs.
  • vSphere datastore containing VMs.
  • vSphere datastore containing VMs and backed by a replicating storage system.
  • Veeam agent protection group.
  • vCenter Server tag for VMs (the group will be named Category – Tag).


You can manage inventory groups manually using custom categories configured in Veeam ONE Client. You can also group VMs based on categorization data imported from 3rd party software.

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