Upgrading Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows

For Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows, upgrade to newer versions is supported. You can start the upgrade process from the Veeam Agent control panel when the new version becomes available. To learn how to check for product updates, see Checking for New Product Versions and Updates.

Before You Begin

Before you upgrade Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows to version 6.0, check the following prerequisites:

  • Make sure that you do not have backup jobs targeted at Microsoft OneDrive.

Starting from Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows 6.0, backup to Microsoft OneDrive is deprecated. To continue working with backups created with an earlier version of Veeam Agent and stored in a Microsoft OneDrive storage, download these backups and move them to another storage. To learn more, see Downloading Backups from Microsoft OneDrive.

  • Make sure that your local Microsoft SQL Server instance and other SQL components that were installed with the previous version of Veeam Agent work correctly.

Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows 6.0 uses SQLite database instead of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express LocalDB. Migration to the new database will be performed during the upgrade of Veeam Agent. If any required SQL components are missing, migration will fail.

  • Make sure that there are no running jobs.

If you have any running jobs, let them complete successfully before you start the upgrade. Disable any periodic jobs temporarily to prevent them from starting during the upgrade. If the protected computer runs VSS-aware applications and backup of database logs (Microsoft SQL Server transaction logs or Oracle archived logs) is enabled in the backup job for the computer, disable this backup job too.

During the upgrade process, configuration and backup files that were created with the previous version of Veeam Agent are not impacted in any way.

Upgrade Process

Upgrading Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows NOTE

Consider the following:

  • In some cases, upgrade to the new version of Veeam Agent may require computer reboot.
  • You can also download the Veeam Agent setup archive from this Veeam webpage. Save the downloaded archive on the computer where you plan to install the new version of the product and double-click the setup archive to start the upgrade.

To upgrade Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows:

  1. Double-click the Veeam Agent icon in the system tray, or right-click the Veeam Agent icon in the system tray and select Control Panel.
  2. Open the About tab.
  3. If the new version of Veeam Agent is available, click Download.
  4. When the download is complete, click Install to run the setup archive.
  5. To upgrade Veeam Agent, you must accept the terms of the license agreements. Read the license agreements and click Accept and Update.
  6. To preserve settings from the previous product installation, click Yes in the opened window.

If the migration fails for any reason, the upgrade process will stop. In this case, you will be able to continue using the earlier version of Veeam Agent as the existing Microsoft SQL Server database and preinstalled SQL components are not deleted during the migration.


Migration will not start if at least one of the following conditions is met:

  • You use Veeam Agent version 3.0 or earlier. In this case, a new database will be created during the upgrade.
  • Migration to SQLite database was performed earlier.
  1. After the installation is complete, click Finish.

Unattended Upgrade

You can upgrade Veeam Agent to a newer version in the unattended mode using the same command that is used for unattended installation. To learn more, see Installing Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows in Unattended Mode.

If necessary, you can skip the migration of the SQL database during the unattended upgrade. To learn more, see Installation Without Database Migration.