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    With Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows, you can resize backup volumes during Volume-Level Restore. When you select to resize a volume, Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows restores data from the backup and resizes the restored volume to the specified size.

    There are two ways to resize a volume depending on the amount of free disk space on the target location:

    • Volume shrink — you can shrink a volume when you restore it to a new location that has less space than the size of the volume in the backup. You can also shrink a volume that is restored to its original location to free disk space on the target location. To learn more, see How Volume Shrink Works.
    • Volume extend — you can extend a backup volume when you restore it to a new location that has more available disk space than the size of the backup volume. To learn more, see How Volume Extend Works.

    Volume resize may be also helpful when you need to restore data after hardware upgrade. For example, you may want to resize volumes in the following situations:

    • Shrink backup data to restore system volumes of your computer to a smaller disk after you replace an old HDD drive with a faster but less capacitive SSD drive.
    • Extend the backup volume during volume-level restore to a new, more capacitive HDD drive.

    You can restore and resize volumes:

    The volume resize option is available only in the Manual restore mode at the Disk Mapping step of the wizard.

    Limitations for volume resize

    Volume resize has the following limitations:

    • You cannot restore a volume to the volume of the smaller size if the amount of data stored on the backup volume exceeds the free space on the target disk.
    • You can only resize basic volumes that use the NTFS file system.
    • If you resize a BitLocker encrypted volume during restore, the restored volume will be unencrypted.

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