Creating Backup Jobs

To back up your data, you must configure a backup job. The backup job defines how, where and when to back up data. You can choose one of the following backup types:

  • Backup of an entire computer image
  • Backup of specific computer volumes, for example, a system volume or secondary volume
  • Backup of individual folders, for example, documents folder or folder with music

Before configuring a backup job, check prerequisites. Then use the New Backup Job wizard to define settings for the backup job.

  1. Launch the New Backup Job wizard.
  2. Specify the job name and description.
  3. Select the backup mode.
  4. Specify backup scope.
  5. Select backup destination.
  6. Specify backup storage settings.
  7. Specify GFS Retention Policy.
  8. Specify advanced backup settings.
  9. Specify backup cache settings.
  10. Specify guest processing settings.
  11. Specify the backup schedule.
  12. Review backup job settings.
  13. Perform finalizing actions.