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Active Full Backup

In some cases, you need to regularly create a full backup. For example, your corporate backup policy may require that you create a full backup on weekend and run incremental backup on work days. To let you conform to these requirements, Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows lets you create active full backups.

When Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows performs active full backup, it produces a full backup file and adds this file to the backup chain.

The active full backup resets the backup chain. All incremental backup files use the latest active full backup file as a new starting point. A previously used full backup file and its subsequent incremental backup files remain on the disk. After the last incremental backup file created prior to the active full backup becomes outdated, Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows automatically deletes the previous backup chain. To learn more, see Retention Policy for Active Full Backups.

Active Full Backup

You can create active full backups manually or schedule a backup job to create active full backups periodically.

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