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Automatic Job Retries

Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows supports automatic retries for the scheduled backup job. If the backup job is started on the defined daily schedule and fails for some reason, Veeam Agent automatically retries the job every 10 minutes within the next 23 hours.

If Veeam Agent retries the job session after the connection loss, Veeam Agent does not transfer all the data again. Instead, Veeam Agent continues data transfer that was started before the connection loss. To do so, Veeam Agent compares hash values for data blocks on source and target. After the hash comparison, Veeam Agent transfers only those data blocks that were not transferred before the connection loss.

Veeam Agent operates in the same way in case the Veeam Agent computer is put into sleep or hibernate mode during the job session. After the computer is turned on and the connection is restored, Veeam Agent continues the job session from the point where it stopped.

Veeam Agent continues data transfer after connection loss only if you configured a volume-level backup job targeted at a Veeam backup repository or Veeam Cloud Connect repository.

Veeam Agent does not automatically retry the backup job if the job session is started when the computer is powered on after missed daily backup.

For portable devices, Veeam Agent does not automatically retry the backup job if a device is working on battery.

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