Viewing List of Backup Repositories

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    To view backup repositories configured in Veeam Agent for Oracle Solaris, use the following command:

    veeamconfig repository list

    Veeam Agent for Oracle Solaris will display a list of backup repositories.

    You can view the following information about backup repositories:




    Name of the backup repository.


    ID of the backup repository.


    Backup repository location. The parameter value depends on the backup repository type:

    • For a local backup repository, location is a directory in the local file system specified as a target location for backup files.
    • For a Veeam backup repository, location is a name of the Veeam backup server that manages the backup repository.


    Type of the backup repository. Possible values:

    • Local (for a local repository)
    • Backup server (for a Veeam backup repository)

    Backup server

    Backup server on which Veeam backup repository added to Veeam Agent for Oracle Solaris is configured.

    For example:

    user@srv01:~$ veeamconfig repository list
    Name                               ID                                      Location           Type           Backup server
    [vbr01] Default Backup Repository  {88788f9e-d8f5-4eb4-bc4f-9b3f5403bcec}  vbr01              backup server  vbr01
    backup01                           {c17cd683-decf-48f5-b076-1e8b27595f32}  /mnt/veeam/backup  local