Veeam Recovery Media

Veeam Agent for Oracle Solaris lets you create Veeam Recovery Media — a recovery image of your Oracle Solaris OS that provides an alternative way to boot the machine in the event of a disaster.

The recovery image contains the Oracle Solaris OS with limited functionality. It includes the Oracle Solaris kernel and a set of Oracle Solaris utilities necessary to boot the machine and perform basic administration tasks. If the OS installed on the machine fails to start, you can boot the recovery image OS.

To create Veeam Recovery Media, use the veeamconfig createIso command. To learn more, see Creating Veeam Recovery Media.

Considerations and Limitations

  • We recommend using Veeam Recovery Media to restore your system to the original hardware.

If you want to restore your system to a different machine, keep in mind the hardware setup of the target machine must be exactly the same as that of the original machine. Otherwise, the system may fail to boot due to mismatching or missing drivers. These settings include:

  • Amount of RAM
  • Number and type of CPU cores
  • Number and type of network adapters
  • Number of disks and volumes
  • Block size of disks
  • Size of volumes
  • HDD Controllers
  • When you boot the machine from Veeam Recovery Media, the recovery environment contains a new installation of Veeam Agent for Oracle Solaris with limited functionality. Veeam Agent does not retain any user-defined configuration settings from the original machine.

For more information on the prerequisites and limitations of bare metal recovery using Veeam Agent for Oracle Solaris, see Bare Metal Recovery and Before You Begin.


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