Step 2. Install Product License

At the License step of the initial setup wizard, install the product license.

To install the license, in the File location field, specify the path to the license key:

  1. Select the Browse option with the [Tab] key and press [Enter].
  2. In the Choose license file location window, select the necessary directory and press [Enter].
  3. Repeat step 'b' until the path to the directory in which the license key resides appears in the Current directory field.
  4. In the directory where the license key resides, select the license key file and press [Enter].

Step 2. Install Product License 


Consider the following:

  • If you want to install the license later, to finish working with the initial setup wizard, switch to the Finish button with the [Tab] key and press [Enter].
  • You can view information about the installed license (expiration date, status of the license, current functionality mode of the product and so on) in the Veeam Agent control panel or using the Veeam Agent command line interface.