Viewing Backups

To view a list of backups created by a backup job configured in Veeam Agent for Oracle Solaris, use the following command:

veeamconfig backup list [--all]

Where --all is an option that instructs Veeam Agent to display information about all Veeam Agent for Oracle Solaris backups in backup repositories configured in the product. If you do not use this option, Veeam Agent will display information about backups of the current Veeam Agent machine only.

If you work with Veeam Agent connected to a Veeam backup server as a member of a protection group for pre-installed Veeam Agents, for security reasons, the veeamconfig backup list --all command will display backups created only by the current Veeam Agent computer with the current connection settings. To learn more about protection groups for pre-installed Veeam Agents, see the Protection Group Types section in the Veeam Agent Management Guide.

For each backup, Veeam Agent displays the following information:



Job name

Name of the backup job by which the backup was created.

Backup ID

ID of the backup.


Name of the backup repository in which the backup was created.

Imported backups are marked as Imported in the Repository column. For information about the import procedure, see Importing Backups.

Created at

Date and time when the backup was created.

For example:

user@unixsrv:~$ veeamconfig backup list
Job name               Backup ID                               Repository                         Created at

unixsrv system backup  {bd99e384-b62f-47dc-ad38-f0b3dc5d3c40}  [srv14] Default Backup Repository  2020-03-16 11:49

unixsrv file backup    {d2bc5ec7-9545-4740-b452-7a91db7a90c8}  backup01                           2020-03-16 13:30