Viewing Restore Points in Backup

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    To view information about restore points in the backup, you can use one of the following commands:

    veeamconfig backup info --id <backup_id>


    veeamconfig point list --backupid <backup_id>

    where <backup_id> is an ID of the backup for which you want to view information about restore points.

    For example:

    user@srv01:~$ veeamconfig backup info --id 4f75bb20-a6b6-4323-9287-1c6c8ceccb6b


    user@srv01:~$ veeamconfig point list --backupid 4f75bb20-a6b6-4323-9287-1c6c8ceccb6b

    Veeam Agent for Oracle Solaris displays the following information about restore points in the backup:



    Job name

    Name of the backup job by which the backup was created.

    OIB ID

    ID of the restore point in the backup.


    Type of the restore point. Possible values:

    • Full
    • Increment

    Created at

    Date and time of the restore point creation.

    Is corrupt

    Indicates whether restore point in the backup is corrupted. Possible values:

    • True
    • False

    For example:

    user@unixsrv:~$ veeamconfig point list --backupid bd99e384-b62f-47dc-ad38-f0b3dc5d3c40

    Job name               OIB ID                                  Type       Created at        Is corrupt

    unixsrv system backup  {2159eb5a-1f18-4b67-be90-98615c0057f3}  Full       2020-03-16 11:50  false

    unixsrv system backup  {6303185a-37fe-460a-8e6c-65746708fe77}  Increment  2020-03-16 12:29  false

    unixsrv system backup  {530843a2-5b7d-4a12-9718-b8d9a66b6a70}  Increment  2020-03-16 14:00  false