Viewing Session Logs

Starting from version 4.1, you can monitor the backup process by viewing the backup job session logs in the following ways:

Viewing Session Logs Important

Veeam Agent control panel is available starting from version 4.1.

Viewing Session Logs in Control Panel

To view the logs of a specific backup job session using the Veeam Agent control panel, do the following:

  1. Launch the Veeam Agent control panel with the veeam or veeamconfig ui command.
  2. In the Veeam Agent control panel, in the Latest backup sessions list, select the necessary backup job session with [Up] and [Down] keys and press [Enter].

Veeam Agent will display the statistics and logs of the selected session.

Viewing Session Logs 

Viewing Session Logs in Command Line Interface

To view a session log in the Veeam Agent command line interface, use the following command:

veeamconfig session log --id <session_id>

where <session_id> is an ID of the backup job or restore session.

For example:

user@srv01:~$ veeamconfig session log --id fb9104a7-b507-46f8-90ea-10601863e8d7

2020-03-16 10:49:47 UTC {87da2cfc-d6d3-410e-b08f-d723e29e3ed8} [info] Job system backup started at 2020-03-16 11:49:47 CET

2020-03-16 10:49:49 UTC {0d0ec3b2-3e4b-46f2-81e0-db355e888607} [info] Preparing to backup

2020-03-16 10:49:55 UTC {30657591-e968-40bd-ba28-07eafe07bab6} [processing] Waiting for backup infrastructure resources availability

2020-03-16 10:49:57 UTC {30657591-e968-40bd-ba28-07eafe07bab6} [info]

2020-03-16 10:50:05 UTC {d9a40968-5f89-44de-ad88-a550f0da4315} [info] Starting full backup to [srv14] Default Backup Repository

2020-03-16 10:50:06 UTC {bcb20912-b95d-4ef7-893e-2eaa4f8bc3cc} [info] File system indexing is disabled

2020-03-16 10:50:06 UTC {d98e15f8-994c-4375-91c9-1cade3b5410c} [processing] Backing up files /