Step 6. Map Restored Disks

Starting from Veeam Agent version 4.0.1, you can choose to manually select what disks you want to restore and map disks from the backup to disks on your machine.

Step 6. Map Restored Disks IMPORTANT

It is strongly recommended that you change disk mapping settings only if you have experience in working with Oracle Solaris disks and partitions. If you make a mistake, your machine data may get corrupted.

You can map disks in the backup (source disks) and disks on your machine (target disks) in one of the following ways:

Step 6. Map Restored Disks Note

You can manually map disks only in the Veeam Recovery Media wizard. Disk mapping functionality is not available when you perform bare metal recovery in command line interface.

To launch manual disk mapping, press the [M] key at the Recovery Summary step of the wizard.

Step 6. Map Restored Disks