Exporting Product Logs

Veeam Agent for Oracle Solaris offers a simple and convenient way to collect product logs and export them to an archive file. This operation may be required if you want to report an issue and need to attach log files to the support case.

When you export logs, Veeam Agent for Oracle Solaris collects its log files and configuration files, exports them to an archive file in the tar.gz format and saves this archive file to a current working directory on the Veeam Agent machine.

You can perform the export logs operation in one of the following ways:

Exporting Product Logs Important

Veeam Agent control panel is available starting from version 4.1.


Exporting Product Logs TIP

When you perform bare metal recovery, Veeam recovery environment starts in the machine RAM. Bare metal recovery logs are saved to the /var/log/veeam directory of the recovery system OS file system and to the repository that contains the backup file you used for data restore. If the repository does not support log export, you risk losing all bare metal recovery logs because local logs are lost on system reboot. We recommend saving the logs to a remote location or to the recovered file system for further reference.