Step 10. Specify Cloud VM Configuration

A VM configuration is a combination of a VM series and disk type that Orchestrator uses to create new VMs in Microsoft Azure.

To recover machines in a cloud plan, you must specify at least one VM configuration at the Cloud VM Configuration step of the wizard:

  1. Click Choose in the VM Series field.
  2. In the Choose VM Series window, specify the necessary VM series and click Apply.

To help you choose the VM series, the table in the Choose VM Series window will provide information on the maximums for the number of vCPU cores, system RAM and attached disks for each available VM size. For the full description of Microsoft Azure VM sizes, see Microsoft Docs.

  1. Use the Disk drop-down list to select the type of disks that will be attached to the recovered VMs.

The specified VM series will be used as the basis for machines recovered in Microsoft Azure as new VMs. The created VMs will be customized to best match the CPU and memory configuration of the source machines. If you want different machines to be recovered using different settings, you can add up to 2 more VM configurations. If you create another VM configuration, you must also modify the parameters of the Create Cloud VM step to use it, as described in section Working with Cloud Plans.

Adding Recovery Location