Register VM

This step registers the selected VM on a host from a storage recovery location, changes the IP address configuration of the VM, applies the mapping specified for the location, and then powers the VM on.


Before powering a recovered VM on, Orchestrator removes all unused swap (.VSWP) files from the default VM directory. If a custom location is used to store swap files, Orchestrator will not be able to remove them.

You can override the following parameters for the Register VM step:



Default Value

Critical Step

Defines whether the step is critical for VM recovery.

If you mark the step as Critical, its failure for a VM from a critical inventory group will halt the plan.



Maximum amount of time (in seconds) for the step to execute.



Number of retries that will be attempted if the step fails on the first try.


During DataLab Tests

Defines whether the step will be executed during plan testing in a DataLab.

Execute (not editable)