Configuring Lab Groups

If required, you can customize lab group settings in much the same way as editing a recovery plan.

  1. Navigate to DataLabs.
  2. In the DataLabs column, select the newly created lab group.
  • To customize VM recovery options and change default steps that will be performed for machines in the lab group, click Properties.

In the Edit Lab Group wizard, specify the required settings following the instructions provided in section Creating Replica Plans (steps 5–7), Creating Restore Plans (steps 6–8), or Creating Storage Plans (steps 6–8), and click Finish.

  • To define the order in which machines will be started, use the Up and Down arrows in the Virtual Machines column.
  • To select steps performed when processing each machine, select a machine in the Virtual Machines column, click Edit Steps, and follow the instruction provided in section Configuring Steps.
  • To modify parameter settings for each step, select a step in the Steps column, click Edit Step, and follow the instruction provided in section Configuring Step Parameters.
  • To delete the lab group, click Delete.
  1. To save changes made to the lab group settings, click Save.


Configuring a Lab Group