Generating Reports

Orchestrator comes with a number of reports that allow you to:

You can then use the reports to send them by email to engineers, auditors and managers, and to troubleshoot issues that prevent the recovery process from completing successfully. Reports are sent as PDF and DOCX files attached to report notifications. To learn how to add recipients to whom notifications will be sent, see Configuring Notification Settings.

Before You Begin

All reports generated by Orchestrator are prefixed by a cover page — a report template that you select when creating a plan. This template can be edited in-line in Orchestrator using the Microsoft Word integration. When reports are generated, they are appended to the cover page template.

Orchestrator includes 1 instance of the default report template that comes in English. The default template instance contains example text and can be used as is — however, it is recommended that you clone and customize a template for your specific needs.

Note that not all parts of the default template can be modified. Some sections are visible but cannot be edited by users. These sections are automatically filled out with the plan information when a report is generated.