Configuring Step Parameters

For each plan step performed during recovery, you can customize parameter settings:

  1. Navigate to Recovery Plans.
  2. Select the plan and click Manage > Edit.
  3. On the Edit Plan page:
  1. In the Plan Groups column, select an inventory group.
  2. In the Virtual Machines column, select a machine.
  3. In the Steps column, select a step and click Edit Step.
  4. In the Edit Step window:
  1. In the Step Parameters section, select the required parameter.

Common Parameters (Timeout, Retries and so on) are used for all steps and are grouped under a single container for convenience and readability. Additional parameters specific to the step are shown below the Common Parameters container.

  1. In the Parameter Details section, set the desired parameter values.
  2. Click Apply.
  1. To save changes made to the plan settings, click Save.



You can simultaneously modify step parameter settings for multiple machines in each inventory group. To do that, select an inventory group in the Plan Groups column, select the necessary machines in the Virtual Machines column and then click Edit Steps. In the Edit Steps window, select the required step and its parameter that you want to customize, and set the desired parameter values in the Parameter Details column. After you click Apply, the changes will be applied to all the selected machines in the group.


Configuring Step Parameters

For detailed description of step parameters that you can configure for recovery plan steps, see Appendix A. Recovery Plan Steps.