Step 12. Specify Quarantine Network

You can scan machine disks for possible malware before restoring them to the production environment. During malware scan, Orchestrator iterates through the number of restore points specified while running the plan one by one to detect a restore point with no malware. By default, if all restore points of a machine are infected, Orchestrator halts the restore. However, you can instruct Orchestrator to restore the infected machine to a quarantine network.

At the Quarantine Network step of the wizard, specify a network and a subnet to which you want to connect the infected machines.


Orchestrator allows you to perform malware scan only for those machines whose restore points are stored in on-premises repositories. If a restore point is stored in an object storage or scale-out repository, Orchestrator will be unable to perform the scan. For more information, see Malware Scan.

Adding Recovery Location