Create Cloud VM

This step restores the selected machine from a vSphere or Veeam agent backup to the Microsoft Azure recovery location specified for the plan.

You can override the following parameters for the Create Cloud VM step:



Default Value

Critical Step

Defines whether the step is critical for machine recovery.

If you mark the step as Critical, its failure for a machine from a critical inventory group will halt the plan.


Restored VM Name

Name under which the machine will be recovered and registered.


Public IP

Defines whether a public IP address will be assigned to the recovered VM.


VM Configuration

Defines the VM configuration to be used to recover machines.

Configuration 1

Restore Timeout (minutes)

Maximum amount of time (in minutes) for the step to execute.

Note: The default parameter value is set to 0, which means that Orchestrator will wait for the step to complete for as long as required. However, if you run the Halt action to halt the restore process, Orchestrator will halt the plan immediately, despite the infinite timeout value.



Number of retries that will be attempted if the step fails on the first try.